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 fuck yahoo pass

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PostSubject: fuck yahoo pass   fuck yahoo pass Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2007 3:58 am

I am going to try and make this sound as
simple as it actually is. Using this program you
will be creating a server. When you create your
server you will then have to send it to the
person who's Yahoo! Messenger password you
want, when they open it you will be sent their
Yahoo! ID and Password. The server is just a
file and can be sent the same way you send any
other file, Email, as a file etc.

Don't be intimidated by all the features on this
program, there optional. I added a question
mark next to each feature which you can click to
find out exactly what that feature is for.
The only important thing is where it says 'Send
id's and passwords to', here you will need to
either add your Yahoo! ID or your Email address
(doesn't have to be Yahoo!). The persons ID and
Password who opened your server will be sent
to this Yahoo! ID or Email address.
When your happy with your settings just click
Create and your server will be made in the same
folder as this program. You can then proceed to
send that server out and about to get Yahoo!
Id's and passwords.
You can just use that one server on everyone
you send it too; you don't need to keep making
new ones.

server maker@@@@@@@@@@@
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fuck yahoo pass
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